Dec 19, 2008

Its all in the face

We had a busy and hectic day. On the way back from Salt Lake we spent 2.5 hours in the car stuck behind five consecutive snow-related accidents. As soon as we got home we "helped" Toby clean off the driveway. Robbie's face clearly shows the evidence of a hard day; cookies I fed him to keep him happy in the car, snot crust from having no tissues in the car, you name it.

And Jack's just says "?"

Dec 16, 2008

Take My Picture!

We were cleaning out the basement last night when he climbed up on a bar stool (in my studio) and asked to have his picture taken in his favorite pajamas.

Dec 8, 2008

Christmas Food Gifts For $1

Continuing the series of one dollar gifts, this post is about food gifts.

For neighbor, coworker and acquaintance gifts, food is always a favorite choice. It's neither to personal nor too expensive. I used to make a lot of candy for gifts but, considering the glut of treats floating around during the holidays, I think foods more suited to year-round use might be better received.

Infused Oils
Here is a great way to use up your garden herb surplus. Save interesting bottles through the year or collect them at low prices from dollar stores and places like Ikea, Oriental Trading, etc. Dry sprigs and cuttings of herbs from your garden. Add a mixture of compatible dried herbs to a large container of olive oil. (shop sales or buy a huge jug at warehouse store). Set aside the most attractive dried specimens. Then strain out the herbs from the jug of oil and discard. Fill your smaller bottles with the strained oil then add a few of the sprigs you set aside before capping and labeling the bottles.
Oils do have a rather long shelf life but because you'll be exposing the oil to air twice and adding foreign materials before gifting it, it's a wise idea to include a note on the label to indicate it should be refrigerated.
If you have a source for lots of small bottles, you can give a trio of three different oils.
Approximate cost: $1 for an 8 oz. portion if you have the bottle already. $2 if you buy a bottle.
See more exact instruction on flavoring oils here:

Herbed Butters
Let butter (not spread or margerine) soften on the counter and then whip with a standing mixer or hand mixer. The butter will lighten in color and become fluffy. Add diced herbs like chives, dill, or combinations of herbs and spices like rosemary and garlic or lemon pepper. Use an icing tip and piping bag to make small, decorate "pats" on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. Pop the cookie sheet in the freezer until the butter hardens. Package in a glass jar or a cello-bag with ribbon. Keep frozen until you're ready to gift them. These make great spreads and are also very handy for cooking. Include your favorite recipe on the card.
Approximate Cost: $1 if you use existing herbs in your cupboard or from the garden.

Pancake Mix
Store bought mixes are, to be honest, a total rip off. Pancakes are the easiest and cheapest thing in the world to make and a mix is even easier. All the ingredients are dry except the milk and egg.
To make the mix a step easier for the user, replace the egg with soy flour in the mix. Add one extra tablespoon of water to complete the soy flour egg substitute. Add powdered milk to the mix and adjust the ingredients to call for water to make it a complete "no brainer" for the culinary impaired.

Basic Pankcake Recipe
1 C flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 TBS sugar
1/4 tsp salt
1 C milk (don't add to mix)
1 egg (don't add to mix)

Make the mix more interesting by adding your favorite embellishments like mini chocolate chips, coconut flakes, cocoa powder, finely chopped macadamia nuts, etc. Package in a zip lock bag and then place that into a cloth bag you have sewn or saved. Include instructions for adding the milk and egg.

Approximate cost: $0.50 (with no extras and using their milk and egg). $1.00 with some embellishments for pizazz.

Dec 4, 2008

Christmas On a Shoestring

At our house, we decided almost a year ago this was going to be a light Christmas - the economy has little to do with it. Last year we got very excited and went completely overboard - spending far too much on one little boy. He was overwhelmed and we realized ten minutes into the holiday that we'd gone too far. This year we're spending about 25% of what we spent last year on Robbie and we're limiting him to two presents (from us) and his stocking.

Additionally, we're not buying anything for each other. We want to finish our basement - so the more money we can spend on that, the faster it can be done. A new studio for me and a new rec-room for Toby is all the present we want. That doesn't mean we aren't getting each other gifts - we just can't buy anything.

It seems everyone is being impacted by the economy right now. Almost everyone I know has suffered a drop in income to some degree and those that haven't are at least bracing for it. So, many of us are holding back on Christmas spending. In my research to come up with no-cost gifts I came across so many great ideas. For obvious reasons, I can't describe here what I am actually making for Toby so instead I'll list some other great ideas we've done before and ideas I may do in future.

First up....

Car Kits
How many times have you been in the car and needed a pen? A wet wipe? Hand sanitizer? A piece of paper? One day I got sick of not having what I needed and made Toby and I both car kits, each in a 1 gallon zip lock bag. Think of them as a mobile version of a 72 hour kit. The great thing is all these items are laying around the house - the gift is in the the thoughtful organization and presentation. Zip-lock bags fit well in the glove box but you can get more creative and decorate a box or even sew a little roll-up organizer with little pockets for it all.

Suggested Contents:
A pen and pad of paper
Scissors (if you've ever bought anything in clam-shell and wanted to open it, you'll understand)
A $20 bill for when you leave your wallet at home (or a decorative envelope for one if you want to keep it n0-cost)
Four quarters (for parking meters)
A blank check
A laminated list of phone numbers that you could use if you lost or broke your cell phone
Hand sanitizer
Fingernail clippers
Chap stick
Cheap sunglasses
Single doses (in envelopes or baggies) of pain killer, allergy medication, antacids, or whatever things your sweetie is prone to using
Breath mints or gum

Optional extras for those with kids. These are a life saver if you forget the diaper bag.
Small toy
Small Suckers
Sandwich sized zip-lock bag of wipes and a diaper
Rags, cloth diapers or paper towels
CD of lullaby music
Children's Tylenol or similar

It's also a good idea to print up a little inventory of the kit and place it in the bag, facing out. Then sweetie can glance to see if the bag has what he needs before he stops at 7-11 and pays $5 for a handful or wet-wipes.

Dec 1, 2008

Road Warriors

We spent Thanksgiving in Vegas with family. Robbie was pretty insistent on carrying his own rolling Thomas The Tank Engine suitcase. He looked like quite the seasoned traveler as he expertly navigated the hallways to find the elevator, pushed the call button, made way for other passengers and then found the exit.

Nov 26, 2008

Kids Can Do Chores?

Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the mindset that I have to do everything for Robbie because I'm still thinking of him as a baby. He's fully in the "I'll do it myself" toddler mode now, however. I'm learning there are a lot of things he can do for himself.

The other day we were in the toy department while he looked for the perfect toy on which to spend his hard-earned money..when he saw a toy mop.

Now when he has a little "misfire" in the bathroom he runs for the mop, gets up on a stool, wets the mop and - surprise - mops the floor!

He also likes to yell to me "Stay back, mom! Don't step in the pee!"

Now if I could just teach him to operate the Dyson....

Nov 25, 2008

The World Through A Toddler's Eyes

Last night as I was getting Robbie out of the car to walk the 80 feet to the front door of Walmart, we had this conversation.

"Robbie, let's get your coat on."

"I don't want to wear a coat."

"Babe, it's cold outside."

"I not cold."

"You're not outside yet. It's really cold, let's put on your coat."

"I don't need a coat."

"Ok, well then do it for me. If you don't wear a coat people will think I'm a bad mommy."

"I tell them."

"You'll tell them what?"

"I tell them you a good mom."

- - - - -

Sunday, Robbie and his slightly younger cousin were playing with trucks in his room. They were having a good time and suddenly his (less verbal) cousin let out a gibberish squeal of delight.

Robbie looked up from his truck in amazement and shouted "Mom! Carter speaks Spanish!"

"Wow, that's amazing!" I said, hardly able to stop laughing. He thought so too, so he ran downstairs to announce it to the 25 family members chatting after Thanksgiving dinner.

Nov 24, 2008

Friday Fieldtrip

The last three "Mommy Fridays" have included a trip to the downtown library. We splurged and shelled out the $80 for a yearly membership (we live outside the county so membership isn't free for us) and we're definitely getting our money's worth.

If you have not taken your wee ones to the library, you really should - and not just for the obvious, literary, reasons. The downtown branch has a lot for Robbie to be excited about, including play rooms, glass elevators, people watching, and books books books. They also organize story times and kids' events. I get a weekly newsletter with kids' book reviews and I can click to reserve the books that sound good. It saves us a lot of "hunting" when we get there; leaving more time to play.

This week we were joined by friend Emms and Kim, which made it twice as fun for Robbie and Mommy. Above is a cell phone picture of the kids in the "attic" reading room.

After the library we went to the world's busiest McDonalds so the kids could not eat and instead play on the world's most crowded PlayPlace. They seemed to enjoy themselves and Robbie walked away sweaty, dirty, exhausted and, I think, missing a sock.

What more could a kid ask?

Nov 20, 2008

At least he's honest

It's disorienting parenting a child that swings from one extreme to the other. He went from not talking to never stopping talking in the span of two weeks. He goes from a rough and tumble two year old to a serious ten year old to a snarky 13 year old instantly.

While I'm driving down the road he screams for me to watch out for imaginary police cars and monsters coming toward us. Pretty typical two year old stuff, right?

Moments later he starts laughing histerically while looking at a one dollar bill. "He has funny looking hair!" he squeals, pointing to George Washington.

A bit later, after he goes down for his nap he yells for me to come upstairs.

When I get up to his room he says "I pooped." and he's wearing nothing but a shirt and a pair of cowboy boots and holding a very full pair of Go Diego Go undies in one hand.

Oh boy.

We go in the bathroom to do damage control and he says "There's some poop on the carpet, Mom"

Thinking he means the bathroom rug I say "no, it's ok."

"No, in my room." he says.

I go into his room and do a quick scan - all clean. I come back.

"No, mom. In my closet. Just a tiny bit." he assures me, very matter-of-fact, like he's telling me what time it is.

He was exactly right - and it felt like I was talking to an adult the whole time. Although, one one that thought it was perfectly normal to poop in the closet while wearing his John Deere cowboy boots.


Nov 19, 2008

Shopping, Robbie Style

This weekend we did the big shopping trip for Thanksgiving dinner. It's coming a week early to our house because there is a wedding in the family this weekend and some relatives that are normally in other states will be in town.

Our house was nominated to play host again this year - which I really don't mind. I just try not to count how many people will be here and then I don't hyperventilate. But I digress....

These pictures were taken with my phone, so the quality isn't great. Robbie was just being so funny, I had to snap a few. He found a circular and was walking around with it held up like he was reading it. Then he kept putting it down and pointing out different things and saying "do we have that?"

Those two people behind him? That's hubbs and "Grummy" - each with a cart. Yes, we bought that much food for that many people coming to my house.

Nov 14, 2008

A Very Good Day...and Pictures.

Today has been a good day - my favorite kind of day where Robbie and I hang out and do fun things without the need for me to break into "Mommy Mode" of scolding, threats, and (let's be honest) begging. And he doesn't break into "Toddler Mode" with tantrums and the never-ending potty struggle or all-too-frequent nap time rebellion.

Days like this make me think I could handle 8 or 9 kids but at the same time, so grateful I have one that I get to spoil rotten and take on "Mommy and Robbie" days.

This morning we went to see his friend up at Primary Children's Hospital. He was very sweet and played quietly with her, sang her a song, and kept asking her how she was feeling.

Next we went to Burger King for a little lunch. An employee brought him over a paper crown, which I hadn't seen in years. Robbie was enchanted and kept saying "Mom, I'm the King!" His father has also taught him how to peel one end off of a straw wrapper and blow on the straw to shoot the wrapper across the room. He managed to grab both our straws before I remembered he coudld do that. But like I said - it was a good day: he didn't hit any other patrons.

He wore the crown to our next stop - the city library and he got lots of compliments on it. So many that he took it off and asked me to carry it. We rode the big glass elevator a few times then chased the pigeons all over the sidewalks back to our car.

We've been having a bit of a ... struggle, let's say with potty issues. The potty training went great for a few weeks and then has been gradually regressing, so I thought a new book might spark his interest. I don't know if it was the book or just blind luck but the results were immediate and very positive.

If you are having problems with your child being unwilling or afraid to do "number two" I think its worth getting them "Everyone Poops." Robbie thought it was very funny and it seems to have erased the stress that has built up around this subject.

Let's hope tomorrow is another good day!

And now - some pictures from Halloween and our Zoo trip the day after.

This was the first year Robbie was old enough to really "get" what the holiday was about. Once it clicked (just after the first door) he was on the run - trying to get to as many doors as fast as he could. For days afterward he kept saying "I go trick or treat today!" not realizing it would be a year before people would be giving out free candy again just because he rang their bell.

The next day we went to the zoo with Grummy, Grumpy and Cousin Carter. Of course, the train was the best part for him.

Grumpy showing him the zebras.

Checking out the turkeys - just before he swung his leg over to try to join them.

Boots! I mean, Monkey!

Nov 7, 2008

This Date Sponsored by Christmas '07

We're lucky to have good friends and family that give us cool holiday surprises like gift cards to restaurants we like or theaters. Sadly, we're terrible about using these things in a timely manner. So, tonight Robbie is staying at his cousin's house and we're going on a date night sponsored by gift cards.
First a play, then dinner, then Grand America...where we'll draw those great "black-out" curtains hotels have and sleep in as late as we want...or at least until check-out.

Oct 30, 2008


I recently read that PETA issued a letter to the Ben & Jerry Ice Cream company asking them to replace cow's milk with human breast milk in their recipes. This is to "lessen the suffering of dairy cows".

What amazed me about this story was not that PETA actually issued the letter, or even that they did it with a straight face.

What amazed me is that the head of public relations at Ben & Jerry's was able to pick himself up off the floor from his laughing fit long enough to issue an official response to the letter.

That man needs a raise...and an Oscar.

The Eyebrows That Ate Chicago

The natural eyebrows - or lack thereof.

The chemically assisted eyebrows.

Last night I went to the Sanctuary Day Spa for a little treat... at least as much as having hair forcibly ripped from your browline can really be a treat.

While I was lying there, the waxer asked "Have you heard of brow tinting?"
"Um yes."
"What did you think?"
"Sounds ok. Are you saying I should look into it because I have invisi-brows?"
"It would make them more ... visible"

She decided one application wasn't enough to overcome the albino fuzz that is my she did it twice. But now they seem to have acquired a life of their own and they keep getting darker. I'm sure this is completely in my own mind. I am just constantly surprised when I glance in a mirror.

This morning Toby said "Those eyebrows have to go. You don't even look like my wife."

When I gave him a dirty look, he said "I'm not saying they look bad, but I'm used to you have NO eyebrows and now you have BAM! Eyebrows!"

Needless to say, I'm a little self conscious. If you see me, don't be surprised if I have on sunglasses until these babies fade a bit.

Oct 26, 2008

Fall Fun

About three weeks ago we picked up a few new fall clothing items for Robbie. Ever since then one, two or all three of us has been sick and every weekend has been spent seeing how fast we can run through kleenex or how many times one of us can throw up in one 24 hour period.

Robbie has a slight edge on me in this area.

Today we were all feeling sufficiently well go go see the gorgeous leaves in Middle Canyon in Tooele. We also had the foresight to dress Robbie in his new duds and bring a camera. Lately this little group of achievements seems like a miracle.

I want to blow this one up as a poster and title it "repentance" or "reflection". This still moment didn't last long!

Showing me his cool new leaf.

My turn to pose.

Tickle time.

This is probably my new favorite picture of Toby. I had just told him to sit down and Robbie came rushing over and said "No dad, put your hands here." and he placed one of Toby's hands one each knee and moved his fee. Then he backed up and said "Ok, good. Be Still." We were both laughing - I'm surprised the shot is steady.

And that's a wrap.

Oct 23, 2008

Gone Baby, Gone.

Robbie, summer is definitely long gone. Yesterday we went to the park for lunch and, even though we were bundled up, you were so cold you didn't even want to play. We just ate our sandwiches and walked back home.
Yep. Summer is gone. And I'm not sure what's worse. That we won't see it it again for nine months, or that by the time it rolls around again those sweet pudgy toddler legs will probably be taller, thinner big boy legs.

Oct 21, 2008

A Conversation to Remember

This morning while I was putting on his clothes...

Robbie: I'm getting bigger and bigger, huh?
Me: Yes, every day. Pretty soon you'll be so big you'll be all grown up.
Robbie: Just like you guys?
Me: Yep, just like us. Before I know it you'll have a family of your own.
Robbie: Like Incredibles?
Me: Uh...yea.
Robbie: Great! That's Cool!

Oct 18, 2008

The Mad Scientist's Lab

Thanks to my very sweet (and long-suffering) husband, I have a room in my basement just for making soap. He made it for me about two weeks ago but I've been too busy concocting new recipes down there that I haven't had a chance to crow about it on the family blog.

So without further ado.... here it is!

A prepped soap mold on my counter.

The work bench complete with microwave, fragrance and essential oils, tools, bowls, molds, etc.

The Ingredients side - oils, butters, nutrients and a few drying bars.

Some fragrance and essential oils.

Oct 10, 2008

Don't Act All Surprised

Anyone that knows me well knows that when I get into a hobby...I get really into it. Most often it becomes another small business for me.

It should not come as a surprise then that my soap making is morphing into one too. I am trying hard to take it slow, and as part of that effort I've set up a year-long product development phase to really perfect the line of soaps I want to make, use and sell.

If you'd like to be an Official Product Tester and gets lots of soap goodies in the mail, go the Spotted Owl Soap website for details.

Oct 8, 2008

Plodding Along

I must say Potty Training isn't as bad as I made it out to be in the last post. We're all sick here at Casa del Reed - which is not an ideal time to potty train, I know. However, the week was planned we had no sitter lined up, we'd been watching Elmos' Potty Time non-stop for 48 hours. The time was nigh.

What with all the nose wiping, bottom wiping, coughing, medicine dispensing and so on, it did seem a little overwhelming at first - but Robbie has been a real champ. Yesterday he went all day, incuding nap-time with no accidents.

For my part I am trying to let him be on a longer leash and not ask so frequently if he needs to potty. He's getting that teenager look now when he says, half rolling his eyes, "no mom, I don't need to potty."

Yesterday some neighbor kids came over to play in our front yard and he was having a great time with them. I didn't want him to have an accident but at the same time I didn't want to be "that mom" that shouts into a group of kids "Do you need to go Potty, Robbie?"

I shudder, remembering my mother and I in Kmart when I was about 13 or 14. I was one aisle over, looking for a new package of undies when my mother stage-whispered to me "Try the silky ones - they don't stain."

Braugh! What? Did you just say that out loud? In our home town? And who is worried about staining here? I'm not 3!

As you can see, the scars run deep. So, in the end I called Robbie over and whispered my question into his ear.

Oct 6, 2008

The last shred of dignity...gone.

Since we have no sitter right now (see below post) we're taking this "together" time to potty train. We started Saturday afternoon. Let me just say...this could drive me to drink.

He's doing really well, don't get me wrong....but sometimes the contest of wills, the cajoling, the begging, the's all too exhausting.

Today after three hours of Robbie refusing to sit on the potty I finally went and sat on it myself and made a big deal about how "my body was telling me I need to go" (yes, stolen right from "Elmo's Potty Time"). Robbie suddenly got interested and ran into the bathroom.

He sat down on the little step stool I usually sit on.

"I sit right here, mom. I sing to you."

Then he sang me "happy birthday to daddy" which, honestly, was adorable.

"Thanks honey."

"Did you go?"


"Good Job MOM! You get a sticker!"

And then he ran out to get me one.

But he still refused to try it himself for another hour.

Drinking, I tell you. Drinking.

Crime and Punishment

Thanks for all the opinions on the spanking poll. It's nice to know that I'm not an over-reacting obsessive parent. Or, if I am, at least I am in good company.

For the past few months Robbie's been going to a day care / preschool. It's really an in-home daycare with a preschool schedule where they learn shapes, colors, numbers, etc.

One day recently I picked Robbie up and he said the caregiver, who I'll call Miss X, hit him. When I asked him to elaborate it came out that he and the other kids were drawing with sidewalk chalk and he started breaking the chalks (for what reason only a boy could tell you) and when Miss X saw it, she slapped his hands and sent him to time out.

We've been telling him that no one is allowed to hit him and that he should come to us if anyone hurts him - so I was glad at least that he told me quickly and clearly what had happened.

The next day when we went back I took Miss X aside and asked her about the incident. She told me the same thing Robbie had told me without embarrassment and without apology. She obviously found it perfectly acceptable so I told her that I did not. I said that if she couldn't correct him without hitting him I would definitely find another arrangement.

Fast-forward to last week. Robbie suddenly started putting up a huge fight about going to daycare. I kept asking him what he was afraid of and he couldn't name anything that was wrong, he just didn't want to go. We would show up to day care and, after half an hour of trying to get him to stay, we'd go home.

On the third day, Miss X said "You know I've just never had a kid not like me. I guess what's probably bothering him is that the other day "child X" was acting up so I was spanking her and dragging her to time out and she was screaming the whole time. It was a really ugly scene and maybe that's what scared him."

You could have picked my jaw up off the floor I was so shocked. Shocked that she's apparently beating on the other kids, shocked that she's freely admitting it, shocked that she couldn't imagine this would be a deal breaker.

We left and he's not going back. But part of me was unsure if I was over-reacting so I didn't give her the blasting she deserved.

Oct 1, 2008

A Poll About Spanking

I know many of my friends choose not to work and so they don't have to deal with sitters and day cares. But, almost everyone has had to use a sitter, at least occasionally or maybe regularly at one time in their child's life.

Without any explanation or telling you where I fall on this issue (yet) I want to get your opinion. How would you feel if your sitter told you or you found out that the sitter spanked your kid? Remember, I don't mean to ask if you agree its right or not to spank your own kid and let's assume the sitter is not your mom..just a paid care provider. Would you be ok with them spanking your kids when he/she was "naughty"?

After everyone chips in their two cents I'll give you the back story.

Sep 26, 2008

Mommy Friday # 6

We had a very busy and very fun Mommy Friday this week.

First, we went on a play date with our good friends Emma and her baby sister Ashley. Robbie and Emma played together very well at Skye Park. I never had to correct him for pushing or playing rough - which was a treat. I've noticed overall his little aggressive phase (which was never very bad, really) seems to be over...for now.

While Robbie and Emma played great together - they didn't want to pose for a picture. This image almost looks to me like they are saying "ew...girls/boys have koodies!"

Next we went and saw our good friends Trevor and Shannon to drop off a little treat and chat for a bit. They gave us some homemade jam which we're really excited to try. Robbie didn't want to leave (they have way cool toys, mom!) when it was time to go.

Finally, we went to my friend Marisa's to pick up some chickens. Yes...more chickens. But before you refer me to a really good therapist - the total population at the Reed Farm isn't really increasing. Some of those I already have are going to other friends.

Here we are meeting one of the new chickens, named Jane Doe.

Sep 22, 2008


It's been a few weeks since I posted...and with good reason. We've been completely busy!

A few weeks back, Toby went to Alaska to go fishing for a week.
Then, 24 hours after he came home, Robbie and I flew to Oregon for a week.
Toby joined us a few days into the trip and then we came home...which for me meant I had piles of work and deadlines waiting for me.

I promise I'll be posting again soon with pictures from our trips, our visit to the zoo last week and all kind of other goodies.

And now...I gotta go work!

Aug 23, 2008

Fun Friday

This week for "Mommy Friday" we went to a park to play, then went into Salt Lake to have lunch with Toby. Robbie quite enjoyed himself at the park and was very adventurous and daring about what he wanted to try (basically, everything). He wanted me to "spot" him on the ladders but didn't actually want any hands-on help.

He's getting so much bigger and more imaginative. He's started having a lot more imaginary conversations on imaginary phones with his Daddy, Grumpy and Grummy. A typical conversation - which he had in the car right after we left the park...went like this:

"Hello Grumpy."
"You at home?"
"Grummy at work."
"Yea, Mommy at Work"

The funniest part of this was that halfway through the one-sided conversation, he put down his "phone" (my iPod) and put his had on my arm and said "You quiet, ok? I'm on the phone."

It's interesting how having a toddler is like having a mirror pointed back at you showing your behaviors. He was mimicking me and in that moment I was very happy that I am normally pretty patient and reasonable when I ask him to be quiet while I'm on the phone.

We're not always so lucky when he repeats back our behaviors for us.

Aug 18, 2008

A Reason to Scrapbook

Before we had Robbie, my main hobby was scrapbooking. Once Robbie was born this came to a screeching halt; first because I didn't have time - and then because the only time I had were his naps. Anyone with a napping newborn can understand why I was reluctant to pick up a hammer and start pounding brads into paper. The other probem was that by the time I dragged out all my stuff and decided what to do - nap time was over.

In the last 2.5 years, exactly 0 scrapbooking has taken place. Recently though, I've had a renewed interest and I have Robbie to thank for it.

He's started looking through my old scrapbooks (there are only two) and takes great delight in all that he sees there. For example, he finds it amazing (his word, not mine) that his mom is friends with Buzz Lightyear. There is a picture of me with the character from our honeymoon trip to D-land.

Whenever he asks to pull down a scrapbook he looks at the whole thing front to back and then back to front, naming everyone he sees as he goes. He's starting to ask why there aren't any pictures of I guess I better catch up on some album making!