Nov 27, 2007

Family Photos

What family photo session would be complete without at least one runny nose and one uncooperative party? Well we were in luck because we had Robbie to stand and shout "no no no no no!" and Toby to refuse to sit down because of all the "homeless pee". For the record, the "homeless pee" was any stain on the concrete.

A big thanks to Kim for taking our pictures (we love them) and putting up with our oddities.

Aug 2, 2007

Mud Cakes

For anyone who doesn't know - we have no yard. We moved into a new house and landscaping is
still in progress but Robbie doesn't seem to mind. He loves to dig in the dirt, dump dirt on his own head, eat the dirt, etc. One day recently he was playing with the garden house and filled a sprinkler ditch with water - then fell in. I attempted to take his muddy clothes off and take him in the house but he would have none of it - and I gave up after I got his shorts off. Rather than fight it, I let him play in the dirt and grabbed my camera.

Jul 17, 2007

So much like dad

There is a picture of Toby when he was about two. It is in black and white and this picture looks exactly like Toby...but it's Robbie. I'll have to dig out Toby's and post them side by side. I can't believe how much like a boy he is starting to look and how little like a baby (pause for sniffling).

A Boy and His Dad

I snapped this shot of robbie sitting by Toby's legs while we waited for the Grantsville 4th of July parade to get rolling.

Nemo, Nemo, Nemo, Nemo, Nemo and Marlin Junior.

Robbie's first pets are six little fish that he likes to supervise. Each time I feed them he says "more, more, more" - I guess he thinks they are still hungry...or maybe he just likes to watch them eat.

Peanut Butter & Crackers

Robbie loves those handy snacks with the crackers and peanut butter. But - he throws the crackers on the floor and gives himself a peanut butter facial.

Beating the Heat - Father's Day

Apr 2, 2007

The Underwear Necklace

Who knows why kids do the things they do? Jelly sandwiches in the VCR, peeing in the heating registers, flushig cell phones, I've heard a few stories. What I haven't heard of is a toddler having a fascination with wearing his father's clean underwear (swiped from the folding pile) around his neck. This was no fluke - I kept taking them back and returning them to the pile. Each time, Robbie would take them back, put them around his neck and go about his day. Finally, I had to take a picture for future....blackmail.
I think what's funniest about this photo is his little "thumbs up".

Big Boy "Briches"

These jeans are Robbie's first "Big Boy Jeans" meaning, they aren't made from flimsy baby denim that's highly flexible and soft. No, these jeans are made out of the same stuff we wear and, on a tiny frame are so stiff that he can barely raise his legs higher than a few inches. It sounds like a bad thing, but with his recent fascination with dirt, rocks, stickery shrubs and, in general, things that hurt - these jeans came just in time.

Dirty Mouth? Clean it Up!

Rough and Tumble Kid

At fourteen months, Robbie has decided he likes dirt. It must be bred into their genes, because very few boys don't like dirt. Most like to get dirty - mud fights, off-roading, etc. Robbie likes all that stuff and more. He likes to eat dirt...or at least sample it.

Jan 22, 2007

Happy First Birthday Robbie!

It's hard to believe a year has already passed, but tomorrow Robbie will be one year old. To celebrate, we had a little "photo shoot" in the basement studio. Sometimes he found this amusing, sometimes not.

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