Aug 23, 2008

Fun Friday

This week for "Mommy Friday" we went to a park to play, then went into Salt Lake to have lunch with Toby. Robbie quite enjoyed himself at the park and was very adventurous and daring about what he wanted to try (basically, everything). He wanted me to "spot" him on the ladders but didn't actually want any hands-on help.

He's getting so much bigger and more imaginative. He's started having a lot more imaginary conversations on imaginary phones with his Daddy, Grumpy and Grummy. A typical conversation - which he had in the car right after we left the park...went like this:

"Hello Grumpy."
"You at home?"
"Grummy at work."
"Yea, Mommy at Work"

The funniest part of this was that halfway through the one-sided conversation, he put down his "phone" (my iPod) and put his had on my arm and said "You quiet, ok? I'm on the phone."

It's interesting how having a toddler is like having a mirror pointed back at you showing your behaviors. He was mimicking me and in that moment I was very happy that I am normally pretty patient and reasonable when I ask him to be quiet while I'm on the phone.

We're not always so lucky when he repeats back our behaviors for us.


Amber Ro said...

I'm impressed that he can play on all the "big kid" toys without getting hurt. What a fun friday!

Kim said...

Oh my GOODNESS he is completely adorable. What a sweetheart. Love when they mimic everything we do...and sometimes hate when they do it too. LOL! He is an angel.

Shannon said...

LOL! I love that! It is great! You really are patient with him!

The pictures are great too!