Oct 1, 2008

A Poll About Spanking

I know many of my friends choose not to work and so they don't have to deal with sitters and day cares. But, almost everyone has had to use a sitter, at least occasionally or maybe regularly at one time in their child's life.

Without any explanation or telling you where I fall on this issue (yet) I want to get your opinion. How would you feel if your sitter told you or you found out that the sitter spanked your kid? Remember, I don't mean to ask if you agree its right or not to spank your own kid and let's assume the sitter is not your mom..just a paid care provider. Would you be ok with them spanking your kids when he/she was "naughty"?

After everyone chips in their two cents I'll give you the back story.


Shannon said...

I would have to say it depends on who the sitter is really. If you are paything them or not it depends on the relationship. Really close friends or family absolutly have my ok to spank if that is my way of parenting. The things that makes this difference is if they know how I would react in the situation. If it is bad enought that they thought I would spank than ok. But if they are not that close to me and don't know how I would react if I was there, they don't have the right.

Jenny said...

My immediate reaction is to think I'd be pretty angry if I found out a sitter spanked my kid. But I also don't really see MYSELF using spanking as a punishment, either, so that heightens it. I just think positive reinforcement would work better. But I don't have kids, so I may be totally clueless! Either way, it seems like something that a non-parent really shouldn't do.

marisa said...

I would be pretty upset. I save spanking for when my kids put themselves in danger (running in front of a car) type situations. Like Jenny, I try to use positive reinforcement instead. I know it doesn't work for every child or every parent, but that is what I choose to do. I don't think it is appropriate for a caregiver to spank unless it was talked about and agreed upon before hand.

Kim said...

Ick...you know how I feel about this. I don't like it, I personally don't do it, and I NEVER would EVER put my hand on another person's child...unless it was to prevent harm to another person/child (holla foster care!)

Amber Ro said...

i would be so upset if a caregiver spanked my kid- unless they had previous permission from me to do so if they acted up.
but, to find out from someone other than the caregiver would make me more upset.