Nov 26, 2008

Kids Can Do Chores?

Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the mindset that I have to do everything for Robbie because I'm still thinking of him as a baby. He's fully in the "I'll do it myself" toddler mode now, however. I'm learning there are a lot of things he can do for himself.

The other day we were in the toy department while he looked for the perfect toy on which to spend his hard-earned money..when he saw a toy mop.

Now when he has a little "misfire" in the bathroom he runs for the mop, gets up on a stool, wets the mop and - surprise - mops the floor!

He also likes to yell to me "Stay back, mom! Don't step in the pee!"

Now if I could just teach him to operate the Dyson....

Nov 25, 2008

The World Through A Toddler's Eyes

Last night as I was getting Robbie out of the car to walk the 80 feet to the front door of Walmart, we had this conversation.

"Robbie, let's get your coat on."

"I don't want to wear a coat."

"Babe, it's cold outside."

"I not cold."

"You're not outside yet. It's really cold, let's put on your coat."

"I don't need a coat."

"Ok, well then do it for me. If you don't wear a coat people will think I'm a bad mommy."

"I tell them."

"You'll tell them what?"

"I tell them you a good mom."

- - - - -

Sunday, Robbie and his slightly younger cousin were playing with trucks in his room. They were having a good time and suddenly his (less verbal) cousin let out a gibberish squeal of delight.

Robbie looked up from his truck in amazement and shouted "Mom! Carter speaks Spanish!"

"Wow, that's amazing!" I said, hardly able to stop laughing. He thought so too, so he ran downstairs to announce it to the 25 family members chatting after Thanksgiving dinner.

Nov 24, 2008

Friday Fieldtrip

The last three "Mommy Fridays" have included a trip to the downtown library. We splurged and shelled out the $80 for a yearly membership (we live outside the county so membership isn't free for us) and we're definitely getting our money's worth.

If you have not taken your wee ones to the library, you really should - and not just for the obvious, literary, reasons. The downtown branch has a lot for Robbie to be excited about, including play rooms, glass elevators, people watching, and books books books. They also organize story times and kids' events. I get a weekly newsletter with kids' book reviews and I can click to reserve the books that sound good. It saves us a lot of "hunting" when we get there; leaving more time to play.

This week we were joined by friend Emms and Kim, which made it twice as fun for Robbie and Mommy. Above is a cell phone picture of the kids in the "attic" reading room.

After the library we went to the world's busiest McDonalds so the kids could not eat and instead play on the world's most crowded PlayPlace. They seemed to enjoy themselves and Robbie walked away sweaty, dirty, exhausted and, I think, missing a sock.

What more could a kid ask?

Nov 20, 2008

At least he's honest

It's disorienting parenting a child that swings from one extreme to the other. He went from not talking to never stopping talking in the span of two weeks. He goes from a rough and tumble two year old to a serious ten year old to a snarky 13 year old instantly.

While I'm driving down the road he screams for me to watch out for imaginary police cars and monsters coming toward us. Pretty typical two year old stuff, right?

Moments later he starts laughing histerically while looking at a one dollar bill. "He has funny looking hair!" he squeals, pointing to George Washington.

A bit later, after he goes down for his nap he yells for me to come upstairs.

When I get up to his room he says "I pooped." and he's wearing nothing but a shirt and a pair of cowboy boots and holding a very full pair of Go Diego Go undies in one hand.

Oh boy.

We go in the bathroom to do damage control and he says "There's some poop on the carpet, Mom"

Thinking he means the bathroom rug I say "no, it's ok."

"No, in my room." he says.

I go into his room and do a quick scan - all clean. I come back.

"No, mom. In my closet. Just a tiny bit." he assures me, very matter-of-fact, like he's telling me what time it is.

He was exactly right - and it felt like I was talking to an adult the whole time. Although, one one that thought it was perfectly normal to poop in the closet while wearing his John Deere cowboy boots.


Nov 19, 2008

Shopping, Robbie Style

This weekend we did the big shopping trip for Thanksgiving dinner. It's coming a week early to our house because there is a wedding in the family this weekend and some relatives that are normally in other states will be in town.

Our house was nominated to play host again this year - which I really don't mind. I just try not to count how many people will be here and then I don't hyperventilate. But I digress....

These pictures were taken with my phone, so the quality isn't great. Robbie was just being so funny, I had to snap a few. He found a circular and was walking around with it held up like he was reading it. Then he kept putting it down and pointing out different things and saying "do we have that?"

Those two people behind him? That's hubbs and "Grummy" - each with a cart. Yes, we bought that much food for that many people coming to my house.

Nov 14, 2008

A Very Good Day...and Pictures.

Today has been a good day - my favorite kind of day where Robbie and I hang out and do fun things without the need for me to break into "Mommy Mode" of scolding, threats, and (let's be honest) begging. And he doesn't break into "Toddler Mode" with tantrums and the never-ending potty struggle or all-too-frequent nap time rebellion.

Days like this make me think I could handle 8 or 9 kids but at the same time, so grateful I have one that I get to spoil rotten and take on "Mommy and Robbie" days.

This morning we went to see his friend up at Primary Children's Hospital. He was very sweet and played quietly with her, sang her a song, and kept asking her how she was feeling.

Next we went to Burger King for a little lunch. An employee brought him over a paper crown, which I hadn't seen in years. Robbie was enchanted and kept saying "Mom, I'm the King!" His father has also taught him how to peel one end off of a straw wrapper and blow on the straw to shoot the wrapper across the room. He managed to grab both our straws before I remembered he coudld do that. But like I said - it was a good day: he didn't hit any other patrons.

He wore the crown to our next stop - the city library and he got lots of compliments on it. So many that he took it off and asked me to carry it. We rode the big glass elevator a few times then chased the pigeons all over the sidewalks back to our car.

We've been having a bit of a ... struggle, let's say with potty issues. The potty training went great for a few weeks and then has been gradually regressing, so I thought a new book might spark his interest. I don't know if it was the book or just blind luck but the results were immediate and very positive.

If you are having problems with your child being unwilling or afraid to do "number two" I think its worth getting them "Everyone Poops." Robbie thought it was very funny and it seems to have erased the stress that has built up around this subject.

Let's hope tomorrow is another good day!

And now - some pictures from Halloween and our Zoo trip the day after.

This was the first year Robbie was old enough to really "get" what the holiday was about. Once it clicked (just after the first door) he was on the run - trying to get to as many doors as fast as he could. For days afterward he kept saying "I go trick or treat today!" not realizing it would be a year before people would be giving out free candy again just because he rang their bell.

The next day we went to the zoo with Grummy, Grumpy and Cousin Carter. Of course, the train was the best part for him.

Grumpy showing him the zebras.

Checking out the turkeys - just before he swung his leg over to try to join them.

Boots! I mean, Monkey!

Nov 7, 2008

This Date Sponsored by Christmas '07

We're lucky to have good friends and family that give us cool holiday surprises like gift cards to restaurants we like or theaters. Sadly, we're terrible about using these things in a timely manner. So, tonight Robbie is staying at his cousin's house and we're going on a date night sponsored by gift cards.
First a play, then dinner, then Grand America...where we'll draw those great "black-out" curtains hotels have and sleep in as late as we want...or at least until check-out.