Nov 7, 2008

This Date Sponsored by Christmas '07

We're lucky to have good friends and family that give us cool holiday surprises like gift cards to restaurants we like or theaters. Sadly, we're terrible about using these things in a timely manner. So, tonight Robbie is staying at his cousin's house and we're going on a date night sponsored by gift cards.
First a play, then dinner, then Grand America...where we'll draw those great "black-out" curtains hotels have and sleep in as late as we want...or at least until check-out.


Shannon said...

WHAOOO! I am so glad that you are using those! Have a great time!

marisa said...

I'm so jealous, have a great time!

Kim said...

YES! RAWK on chica! Also...I should be e-mailing you this...but this goes to your e-mail. I got your phone message, but all I got was, "Hi, this is Holly....garble...garble..." So we must chat soon!

Amber Ro said...

A date with your husband...what's that?
Sounds like a great time!