Nov 14, 2008

A Very Good Day...and Pictures.

Today has been a good day - my favorite kind of day where Robbie and I hang out and do fun things without the need for me to break into "Mommy Mode" of scolding, threats, and (let's be honest) begging. And he doesn't break into "Toddler Mode" with tantrums and the never-ending potty struggle or all-too-frequent nap time rebellion.

Days like this make me think I could handle 8 or 9 kids but at the same time, so grateful I have one that I get to spoil rotten and take on "Mommy and Robbie" days.

This morning we went to see his friend up at Primary Children's Hospital. He was very sweet and played quietly with her, sang her a song, and kept asking her how she was feeling.

Next we went to Burger King for a little lunch. An employee brought him over a paper crown, which I hadn't seen in years. Robbie was enchanted and kept saying "Mom, I'm the King!" His father has also taught him how to peel one end off of a straw wrapper and blow on the straw to shoot the wrapper across the room. He managed to grab both our straws before I remembered he coudld do that. But like I said - it was a good day: he didn't hit any other patrons.

He wore the crown to our next stop - the city library and he got lots of compliments on it. So many that he took it off and asked me to carry it. We rode the big glass elevator a few times then chased the pigeons all over the sidewalks back to our car.

We've been having a bit of a ... struggle, let's say with potty issues. The potty training went great for a few weeks and then has been gradually regressing, so I thought a new book might spark his interest. I don't know if it was the book or just blind luck but the results were immediate and very positive.

If you are having problems with your child being unwilling or afraid to do "number two" I think its worth getting them "Everyone Poops." Robbie thought it was very funny and it seems to have erased the stress that has built up around this subject.

Let's hope tomorrow is another good day!

And now - some pictures from Halloween and our Zoo trip the day after.

This was the first year Robbie was old enough to really "get" what the holiday was about. Once it clicked (just after the first door) he was on the run - trying to get to as many doors as fast as he could. For days afterward he kept saying "I go trick or treat today!" not realizing it would be a year before people would be giving out free candy again just because he rang their bell.

The next day we went to the zoo with Grummy, Grumpy and Cousin Carter. Of course, the train was the best part for him.

Grumpy showing him the zebras.

Checking out the turkeys - just before he swung his leg over to try to join them.

Boots! I mean, Monkey!


Kim said...

Love these photographs. I want to hang with you one day and talk skin tone...I guess I don't see it or get it, yours are always loverly.

I am SUPER sad I missed BK and seeing Brookie and Shannon and of course the pigeons and pooping book. That is a day I could have sunk my teeth into. No, my day was spent inside with a fevered brow and lots and lots and lots of books. One of which was the one you gave us for Christmas...Dr. Seuss. The kids loved it. Thank you!

Let's try again next week friend!

Love ya!

Amber Ro said...

Ahoy, matey! Love the pirate costume. Too funny that Robbie already knows the straw wrapper trick-I guess not too surprising knowing who his father is :)