Oct 31, 2006

Happy Halloween - beware the wild insects

This year we couldn't agree what Robbie should be. I said "Bumblebee" because it's the only year that I get to make him be something cute. By 2007 he'll already be deciding for himself that he wants to be Bob the Builder or a dragon or who knows what. This year he should be cute.
Toby wanted him to be a Pirate because "Bees are gay". I'm sure the bee community would argue that point, but then when you think about bee society - millions of males and only one female...maybe he's on to something.
Since we both knew Robbie wasn't about to wear an eye patch, Toby bought him a 'coon skin cap and now he has two costumes: Davie Crockett and a Bee.

Oct 27, 2006

The Rock Star Life

Last weekend Toby and I took some "alone time" and Robbie stayed with "Grummy and Grumpy" while we went to Jackson Hole.

While we were there, the Gap in town had this really adorable outfit on clearance (which at the Gap means it's still about 40% more than you'd pay at Target) that was so cute we couldnt' resist.

So here he is- Robbie, the Future Rock Star.

As is typical of us anytime we get time alone, we spent it shopping for Robbie. He came away like a bandit with a new monkey, a license plate with his name, a submarine, a sweatshirt, two shirts, a pair of jeans and I can't even recall what else.