Aug 18, 2008

A Reason to Scrapbook

Before we had Robbie, my main hobby was scrapbooking. Once Robbie was born this came to a screeching halt; first because I didn't have time - and then because the only time I had were his naps. Anyone with a napping newborn can understand why I was reluctant to pick up a hammer and start pounding brads into paper. The other probem was that by the time I dragged out all my stuff and decided what to do - nap time was over.

In the last 2.5 years, exactly 0 scrapbooking has taken place. Recently though, I've had a renewed interest and I have Robbie to thank for it.

He's started looking through my old scrapbooks (there are only two) and takes great delight in all that he sees there. For example, he finds it amazing (his word, not mine) that his mom is friends with Buzz Lightyear. There is a picture of me with the character from our honeymoon trip to D-land.

Whenever he asks to pull down a scrapbook he looks at the whole thing front to back and then back to front, naming everyone he sees as he goes. He's starting to ask why there aren't any pictures of I guess I better catch up on some album making!


Kevin's Mommy said...

What a great reason to take up scrapbooking again! The scrapbook should definetely have his 'input'...I know Kev loves to glue jewels and put stickers on everything. Maybe there's a way to harness that for scrapbooking :-)

Kim said...

LOVE that you are a scrapper...I had no idea! I want to see these "amazing" scrapbooks! It was SO fun to see you on are an amazing friend for coming to support us. Glad you found yourself a Thomas book! Love you...and your sweet family.