Apr 27, 2006

Bathtime is Funtime

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He is definitely the child of two people that each shower twice a day, a father that scuba dives and a mother that can read in the tub until she turns into a raisin.
He loves a bath, provided the temperature doesn't dip below comfortably warm and I don't take too long getting him dry.

The Flirt

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Need I say more?

You're not my mother!

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As I mentioned before, he doesn't last long with dad before he realizes he's been tricked. Sometimes it's gratifying to be liked but the rest of the time it can be a little exasperating not to get a break.
Apparently it is just as frustrating to dad. The other day he looked at Robbie and said "You know, son...some day you're going to want to go fishing, ride motorcycles and do cool things with me...and I'm going to remember this."
When he's the favorite and I'm cut glass, somehow I doubt that he'll remember the crying.

I think he hates me

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The boy is definitely a ladies' man. He loves his mom, his granny, his grummy and his "Aunt" Shannon. He doesn't last long in the arms of a "mere man" however. Here he is with his father. Again this is part of the "feed me" expression, but it quickly turns into "WHERE IS MY MOTHER?!"


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My son, the future model. I set him down on my photo table in between shooting candles and this is the face he gives me. It is part of a more complex expression that means "more food please" but caught in a split second it looks like he's saying "Yeah, well this is what I think of that!"

We sometimes call him frog boy. This is because, like most newborns, he tucks his little legs up by his waist, kind of like a frog. This is especially apparent when we take of his clothes before a bath. Maybe it's just the cold air that makes him do it, but when one of us is holding him to our chest on the way to the tub, he looks just like a little frog. This is the outfit that goes with the name. Froggy colored pants a shirt with lots of little frogs on it.
Big Son.
Wee Man.
The boy.
Frog Boy.
Sweet Pee.
SeƱor Poopie Pants.

He goes by many things, but one thing remains constant: he's changed our lives completely.