May 24, 2006

A Very Big Week

This week Robbie turned four months old and, if that weren't enough, he started cutting two new little teeth on his bottom gums. And if that weren't enough, he learned to roll over...but that part was more traumatic than the teeth, I'm afraid.

This morning I put him down in my office on a couple of his baby quilts that I usually lay him on to play for a while when I am working. I ran upstairs to see Toby off to work and heard him crying. I thought it was just the usual "how dare you leave me alone, woman?" crying so I didn't run immediately downstairs. When I did get down there about 30 seconds later I was so surprised to see him face down on my plastic floor mat (the kind that protect the carpet from chair wheels) that I said "Oh My God!"

Unfortunately Toby hadn't quite left yet and he heard me say it. He came flying down the stairs thinking who knows what (that I'd left the baby on a high surface and he'd fallen, maybe). It was funny to me, but it took him a minute to put his stomach back in the right place.

Rolling back to front is no problem...but apparently back to front uses a different skill set.

May 19, 2006

Sweet Pea Siesta

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He loves his vibrating chair....only slightly less than he loves being bare foot...only slightly less than he loves being outside. Put them together and you've got a winning combination.

Ace Ventura, Pet Detective

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You know that scene in Ace Ventura...when he comes into his apartment and all the animals flock to him and the music comes to a crescendo...

I feel a little like that when I work outside. I sit on the patio with my laptop and the baby...and the cat stops by...then the dogs sneak onto the patio and soon I'm surrounded by small creatures who seem drawn to me by some magnetic force. Or, maybe its just because they all recognize me as the bringer of chow.

May 15, 2006

Livin' La Vida Loca

Robbie in Hammock
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Life is tough for me as a baby. So much eating, sleeping, smiling, being carried everywhere. It's enough to wear a guy out. So, at the end of the day I have to spend a few minutes relaxing in mom's mother's day present - the hammock. It's a tough life, but little moments like this make it all worthwile.

May 8, 2006

This is getting to be ridiculous

I'm sure if he could talk he'd tell me to stop dressing him up like my personal play thing. I'm sure if he had the articulation of an adult he'd have a lot of things to
1. Milk is good and all...but how about an Oreo now and then to go with it?
2. Bath time is good...we should do that more often. Like every other hour. But why don't you turn the heater on so that when you get me out, the air is a toasty 85 degrees?
3. I don't need socks. I know you think I do, but I don't. If my feet get a little cold, I'll deal with it. If the dogs lick my feet, I'll deal with it. Actually, I like that last part. You should let the dogs in the house sometimes.
4. That hammock you brought home is nice. Just prop a bottle in my mouth and put me out there in the morning. I'll be good to go for at least an hour.
5. I wish these darn arms would do what I want. I could get all kinds of things in my mouth then. I've got my eye on that bluetooth headset.

May 6, 2006

This little piggy

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With feet that pink and cherubic, it's almost a crime to make him wear socks.

Where's The Baby?

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If ever I cannot find my son, or (heaven forbid) I accidently step on him, it will be because the clever kid blends in with his environment.

I guess really he can't take all the credit...some of it has to go to me, the person who dresses him in these ridiculous outfits that blend in with the surfaces he naps on.

May 4, 2006

Puppy Dog Leisure Suit

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When else in life can you get away with wearing an outfit of matching prints, top and bottom? Perhaps in senility...but in either case some one else is dressing you and having a good laugh at your expense.

May 1, 2006


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Yesterday we went to The Gateway (an outdoor shopping center and condo community) to shoot some Senior pictures of Toby's cousin and a friend of hers. We took Robbie with us and Toby wore him in his little Jeep chest carrier. It was very sunny, so Toby's Aunt Karen bought Robbie a little Tiggr hat at Gymboree. Toby was shooting over Robbie's head and I happened to turn around and take this shot of Robbie peeking out from his papoose.