Sep 22, 2008


It's been a few weeks since I posted...and with good reason. We've been completely busy!

A few weeks back, Toby went to Alaska to go fishing for a week.
Then, 24 hours after he came home, Robbie and I flew to Oregon for a week.
Toby joined us a few days into the trip and then we came home...which for me meant I had piles of work and deadlines waiting for me.

I promise I'll be posting again soon with pictures from our trips, our visit to the zoo last week and all kind of other goodies.

And now...I gotta go work!


Amber Ro said...

Still waiting to see a post with those vacation pics (can't you fit that in somewhere between 1am and 3am?):) Thanks for coming to the park with us!

Kim said...

Welcome were missed. I love all of your funny posts.