Oct 26, 2008

Fall Fun

About three weeks ago we picked up a few new fall clothing items for Robbie. Ever since then one, two or all three of us has been sick and every weekend has been spent seeing how fast we can run through kleenex or how many times one of us can throw up in one 24 hour period.

Robbie has a slight edge on me in this area.

Today we were all feeling sufficiently well go go see the gorgeous leaves in Middle Canyon in Tooele. We also had the foresight to dress Robbie in his new duds and bring a camera. Lately this little group of achievements seems like a miracle.

I want to blow this one up as a poster and title it "repentance" or "reflection". This still moment didn't last long!

Showing me his cool new leaf.

My turn to pose.

Tickle time.

This is probably my new favorite picture of Toby. I had just told him to sit down and Robbie came rushing over and said "No dad, put your hands here." and he placed one of Toby's hands one each knee and moved his fee. Then he backed up and said "Ok, good. Be Still." We were both laughing - I'm surprised the shot is steady.

And that's a wrap.


marisa said...

I love them! The colors are beautiful and Robby looks like a stud.

Kim said...

I LOVE THESE. Just saw them on FB and had to rush on over. I miss you guys. Love you to bits and pieces. That one of Toby is the bomb diggity. That Robbie is awesome.

Amber Ro said...

LOVE the hat and sweater. Great pics-especially the repentance one. So cute.