Nov 19, 2008

Shopping, Robbie Style

This weekend we did the big shopping trip for Thanksgiving dinner. It's coming a week early to our house because there is a wedding in the family this weekend and some relatives that are normally in other states will be in town.

Our house was nominated to play host again this year - which I really don't mind. I just try not to count how many people will be here and then I don't hyperventilate. But I digress....

These pictures were taken with my phone, so the quality isn't great. Robbie was just being so funny, I had to snap a few. He found a circular and was walking around with it held up like he was reading it. Then he kept putting it down and pointing out different things and saying "do we have that?"

Those two people behind him? That's hubbs and "Grummy" - each with a cart. Yes, we bought that much food for that many people coming to my house.


Unknown said...

good heavens, how many people do you have coming? Don't hyperventilate!

Holly said...

I'm not totally sure yet - but a lot!