Apr 17, 2009

The Birthday Saga

Tuesday was my birthday. Besides my birthday, many other blessed events occurred on April 14. In history, the Titanic struck its infamous ice berg on this day. This year on April 14 my husband made a wonderful dinner for me. Fettuccine Alfredo. Robbie loved it and had two plates.

Shortly after this, our basement flooded.

After frantically sucking water off the floor, out of the window well, (which was the culprit) mopping up funky smelling water out of my soap room and storage room, standing in the rain (while sucking out said window well), cleaning our carpets, etc, we came back upstairs for cake.

Robbie promptly fell off a chair right on his head.

After repeatedly kissing and calming him down we again tried to have cake.

Then it was way after bed time. We were all exhausted.

Then Robbie woke up at 1 am and began vomiting near impossible quantities of fettuccine and birthday cake. This didn't stop until 4 am.

In spite of all this drama, one little gem did come out of this. I got this video of Robbie singing me Happy Birthday. Robbie loves to sing but will rarely do it on film or even on command.

Please disregard the mountain of crud behind him in my laundry room and remember - we had just finished using all our towels to mop up nasty water and we were wet, tired, smelly and not in the mood to clean up the laundry room yet. The rest of my house was pristine - but that's husband for you...they will film the the dirtiest room in the house.

Afraid of the Water? Not Exactly.

I am sorry for anyone whose children are afraid of water. I have a few friends with this problem and I don't even have a word of advice. Robbie has always loved it and his passion for it gets stronger every year.

For about a year we've been having him wear this shortie because it keeps him from shivering the whole time. The poor kid is just skinny. We don't know where he gets it from. Just last week we introduced the water wings and...well lets just say they were a big hit. The picture says the rest.

The goggles are also a recent thing - an Easter present. Does he mind when they fill with water? Not a bit.

Ah, you may be thinking. Does he mind when he goes UNDER water?

Not exactly.

He's even gracious enough to smile for the camera.

And if all that wasn't cute enough, watch this video. The way his funny little legs kick just cracks me up every time.