Jun 30, 2006

The Big Little Man

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He almost looks like a little boy in his "big boy" clothes. The shorts Grummy Kathy bought him are a perfect match with his little orange polo shirt.

Jun 29, 2006

Say what?

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Today I had a few moments to try to take some pictures of Robbie so I moved fast and grabbed a sheet out of the dryer, tossed aside his diaper (at my own risk) and plopped him down on my photo table for a few snap shots. Of course, no little session would be complete without at least one hilarious expression.
I call this one "You want me to do what?!"

Soggy or water logged

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This little boy has been a drool factory for over a month now. It started with the appearance of his first two teeth under the surface of his gums (they look like tiny white dashes) but it just keeps on going and the teeth never break through. He doesn't seem too bothered by it, but he goes through four outfits a day - and that's not counting changes caused by diaper issues.

I defy you to show me a cuter child

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Yeah ok, maybe I'm slightly biased...but even from a non-biased, purely photography professional's perspective...this kid is dang cute! But, because he's my kid he's the cutest baby on earth....past ,present or future.

We like him a bit...we may keep him.