Sep 26, 2008

Mommy Friday # 6

We had a very busy and very fun Mommy Friday this week.

First, we went on a play date with our good friends Emma and her baby sister Ashley. Robbie and Emma played together very well at Skye Park. I never had to correct him for pushing or playing rough - which was a treat. I've noticed overall his little aggressive phase (which was never very bad, really) seems to be over...for now.

While Robbie and Emma played great together - they didn't want to pose for a picture. This image almost looks to me like they are saying "ew...girls/boys have koodies!"

Next we went and saw our good friends Trevor and Shannon to drop off a little treat and chat for a bit. They gave us some homemade jam which we're really excited to try. Robbie didn't want to leave (they have way cool toys, mom!) when it was time to go.

Finally, we went to my friend Marisa's to pick up some chickens. Yes...more chickens. But before you refer me to a really good therapist - the total population at the Reed Farm isn't really increasing. Some of those I already have are going to other friends.

Here we are meeting one of the new chickens, named Jane Doe.


Shannon said...

It was so awesome to see you! We always love visiting with you guys (and Robbie and come back and play any time!)

We are excited to come and get the chickens. Suprisingly Trev a little more than me! Thanks again!

Amber Ro said...

thanks for the fun morning! Give the kiddos a few more years and the cooties mentality will change, I am sure. Emma already thinks Toby is her boyfriend...

Meta said...

What a cutie! You look great too Holly and really happy. Wonderful to reconnect with you.

Kim said...

Holls, you are looking quite the newest addition to the Reeds. CUTE...and can't wait to see you.