Nov 24, 2008

Friday Fieldtrip

The last three "Mommy Fridays" have included a trip to the downtown library. We splurged and shelled out the $80 for a yearly membership (we live outside the county so membership isn't free for us) and we're definitely getting our money's worth.

If you have not taken your wee ones to the library, you really should - and not just for the obvious, literary, reasons. The downtown branch has a lot for Robbie to be excited about, including play rooms, glass elevators, people watching, and books books books. They also organize story times and kids' events. I get a weekly newsletter with kids' book reviews and I can click to reserve the books that sound good. It saves us a lot of "hunting" when we get there; leaving more time to play.

This week we were joined by friend Emms and Kim, which made it twice as fun for Robbie and Mommy. Above is a cell phone picture of the kids in the "attic" reading room.

After the library we went to the world's busiest McDonalds so the kids could not eat and instead play on the world's most crowded PlayPlace. They seemed to enjoy themselves and Robbie walked away sweaty, dirty, exhausted and, I think, missing a sock.

What more could a kid ask?

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Kim said...

Hopefully he was missing "the wet sock". Creepy fun. It was fun to spend time with you has been missed.