Nov 20, 2008

At least he's honest

It's disorienting parenting a child that swings from one extreme to the other. He went from not talking to never stopping talking in the span of two weeks. He goes from a rough and tumble two year old to a serious ten year old to a snarky 13 year old instantly.

While I'm driving down the road he screams for me to watch out for imaginary police cars and monsters coming toward us. Pretty typical two year old stuff, right?

Moments later he starts laughing histerically while looking at a one dollar bill. "He has funny looking hair!" he squeals, pointing to George Washington.

A bit later, after he goes down for his nap he yells for me to come upstairs.

When I get up to his room he says "I pooped." and he's wearing nothing but a shirt and a pair of cowboy boots and holding a very full pair of Go Diego Go undies in one hand.

Oh boy.

We go in the bathroom to do damage control and he says "There's some poop on the carpet, Mom"

Thinking he means the bathroom rug I say "no, it's ok."

"No, in my room." he says.

I go into his room and do a quick scan - all clean. I come back.

"No, mom. In my closet. Just a tiny bit." he assures me, very matter-of-fact, like he's telling me what time it is.

He was exactly right - and it felt like I was talking to an adult the whole time. Although, one one that thought it was perfectly normal to poop in the closet while wearing his John Deere cowboy boots.



Amber Ro said...

Love that he was wearing cowboys boots the whole time-wasn't he supposed to be napping?
At least he told you about the poop today instead of you finding with your nose tomorrow!

Kevin's Mommy said...

I am lucky I didn't have this with time he did number 2 in the bathtub, and he was so embarassed (without any over-reaction from Mommy!) that we've never had another issue since.

On the other hand, Kev realy didn't click with potty training until just after his 3rd birthday, so you're way ahead there...I'm so jealous over naps. You still get Robbie to nap? Kev gave that up (too early for mom's taste, but who asked me?), rarely even in the car anymore. I sure miss those 45 minutes of 'quiet time'.