Oct 6, 2008

The last shred of dignity...gone.

Since we have no sitter right now (see below post) we're taking this "together" time to potty train. We started Saturday afternoon. Let me just say...this could drive me to drink.

He's doing really well, don't get me wrong....but sometimes the contest of wills, the cajoling, the begging, the bribery...it's all too exhausting.

Today after three hours of Robbie refusing to sit on the potty I finally went and sat on it myself and made a big deal about how "my body was telling me I need to go" (yes, stolen right from "Elmo's Potty Time"). Robbie suddenly got interested and ran into the bathroom.

He sat down on the little step stool I usually sit on.

"I sit right here, mom. I sing to you."

Then he sang me "happy birthday to daddy" which, honestly, was adorable.

"Thanks honey."

"Did you go?"


"Good Job MOM! You get a sticker!"

And then he ran out to get me one.

But he still refused to try it himself for another hour.

Drinking, I tell you. Drinking.

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