May 11, 2008

Yorkie Pudding

When your neighbor's $1500 breeding Yorkie goes missing, there is a cash reward if you find it alive. If, however, you find it dead in your back yard six months later, partially decomposed...the only reward is that you get to pry it from the landscaping rock (where it has repeatedly frozen and thawed, frozen and thawed all winter) and put it into a hefty bag.

Gloveables...they are loveable. And moving dead animals is just one more use I've discovered for them.

Maybe they'll let me work that into their next marketing piece, since I do their design.


marisa said...

Gloveables are too pretty to be moving dead animals with them!!! That is nasty! Why didn't you make your husband move it? Maybe you did, and he was wearing the gloves.

Kim said...

Ew...and oh so funny...just so happened I learned what Yorkshire Pudding was just yesterday. Don't know that I'll ever eat it after this post...but so great.