May 15, 2008

Children's Photography 101

You learn something new every day... and yesterday I learned two. The first is for another post - but the second is a recipe for getting good shots of your own toddler boy. This is something I previously regarded as hopeless since he scowls at me whenever I break out the camera.

1. Take your child to a park about an hour before sunset so the light is lower.
2. Let him play a while before you break out the camera
3. Have him run. A lot.

4. Take pictures of him running but be sure to stop shooting before he slams into you...knocking you over. If you want to keep him going it helps to let him knock you over...a lot. They get a lot of pleasure from this. Take a lot of pictures.

Heck, take some pictures of them knocking you over and trying to pull off your public.

Don't be afraid if some shots look absolutely terrifying.

You're bound to get a gem or two as long as your shutterspeed is at least 1/250th of a second.
5. Eventually he'll get tired of running and need a break. Now it's pay-off time. That cute relaxed shot you wanted all along. Now it is yours!

Keep shooting - because they recover fast...and then it's play time again.

Just when the memory card was nearly full (remember...take lots of pictures) Toby stopped by on his way home and got in on the action.


Kim said...

I am laughing SO SUPER hard right now. I love you so much Holly. That "terrified" shot is absolutely a keeper. HILARIOUS. Love this post.

Amber Ro said...

What fabulous shots!
Robbie is one lucky guy to have such a talented mama.