May 20, 2008

Things Overheard at Our Dinner Table

"Robbie please don't put your hand in my water glass."
"I want to."
"Your hand probably has snot on it. So if I drink that, I'm probably going to get whatever funky funk you have, right?"
"Should I go get another water?"
"If I do, are you going to put your hand in it?"

A minute later...

"Did you watch Curious George today?"
"Who is George's friend?"
"Yellow Hat Guy"
"What color is is hat?"
"What color are mommy's flowers?" - pointing to huge vase of yellow sunflowers right in front of him.

A minute later....

"Do you want some pie?"
"Yeah...I like-ah the Pie! I WANT it!"

It's interesting what kinds of topics elicit an entire sentence...obviously sugar loosens the tongue.

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Kim said...

This is too cute and oh so funny.