May 27, 2008

The Greatest Day of His Life

This last Saturday was probably the greatest Day in Robbie's young life. The whole weekend was pretty good for him. It's safe to say that if he could verbalize this, he would proclaim that never, in his roughly 850 days of living, have so many wonderful events coincided in one 72 hour period.

To name a few:

I made banana pancakes - a never before tasted (by him, at least) marriage of his two favorite foods (though he calls them "Cancakes").

He got first pair of cowboy boots - John Deere boots, no less. They were an instant hit.

The biggie: he finally got to meet Thomas the Train at the "Day Out with Thomas" event put on by the Heber railway. To say he was excited doesn't really cover it.

We spent roughly the gross national product of Aruba on new train sets while at the event. (not really - but it felt like it at the time)

After the train ride we went to lunch at the Dairy Keen - a train themed burger joint. Robbie got to sit in another train - this one a table. I would say he ate there but there was no eating going on.

Grummy, Grumpy, Rikki, Jason and Carter were all there at the Thomas event and at lunch - a huge bonus.

He went with Toby to pick up rocks in a rented dump trailer. Toby had taken him to do this before and Robbie had not stopped talking about it since.

While they were in Salt Lake they also picked me up a big surprise - sod!

We laid sod - which to him probably seemed like everyone was playing in the dirt with him.

While I was pulling weeds, he got to nail me right in the bum with a precisely aimed jet of (cold!) water from the hose. Toby enjoyed that as well.

He helped Bob work on the sprinkler system by strategically hiding the parts he needed.

He played with his cousin Carter in Carter's lovely green backyard while the whole family paid him rapt attention.

We went to his favorite restaurant. I call it his favorite - but that's a bit of irony. It's just that every time we go there he acts like a completely sugared up crack addict. He spills drinks, throws silverware, pours salt on the table and licks it off, screams and cackles like a banshee, shoves lime wedges in his eyes (and then screams more - but with a different edge)...and in general makes us so embarrassed and frustrated we have to wait three or four months before we can bring ourselves to go back.

On Monday he went to lunch with just mom - a very brave thing on my part considering the above paragraph. This time went to Chick-Fil-A and I have to say... he was an angel. He ate his whole kids' meal, never whined, never jumped up, never threw anything, never spit food out partially chewed.

Afterward he got play in their (very cool) play area for about 45 minutes. It was pouring rain when we left and he insisted I not carry him to the car - he wanted to walk. We held hands and ran splashing through the parking lot with him shouting "rain rain rain cold cold cold windy windy windy". He was delighted and passed out about 10 minutes into the drive home.

This isn't even everything we did - there was so much more that I don't have time to type. I think this has to be the most densely packed three day weekend I've ever had....and certainly the best weekend Robbie's ever had.

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Kim said...

I love all of your is like crack...for me! Sounds like a busy weekend for sure! He is so utterly cute. I miss you.