May 19, 2008


Robbie is doing well. He hasn't been wheezing or coughing (much) and hasn't had a fever. He has just been really tired, a little whiny and definitely very much a mama's boy.

For a few weeks now he's been angling for us to get him a toy gun. When we go to a store with toy guns or gun arcade games (Cabellas) we nearly have to peel him off of whatever gun he's found. We're not sure where he got this fixation but it hasn't died down.

Today I took him to the grocery store for a quick trip to pick something up and the whole time we were there he kept wimpering something to himself I couldn't understand. I kept asking him what he meant but it wasn't until I was at the check out counter (which perversely is where they put the toy section) that I realized what he'd been saying.

"Robbie big gun."

They didn't have the gun anymore that he had seen there four days ago and he cried softly to himself about it for about half an hour. Then he started sayin "robbie no want gun" and "no gun". Was he trying reverse psychology? If so, I am very frightened that he's catching on to that level of manipulation so early.

When Toby got home he bought Robbie not only a gun but bandana and a belt for his gun. It was pretty cute but he was mad about wearing the best and bandana and just wanted to hold the gun part of it.

Boys.... are guns imprinted on the chromosomes?

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Kim said...

Glad Robbie is doing better. Hope you can get some sleep tonight. Guns and is insane.