May 5, 2008

Moab '08

This past weekend my brother came out from Oregon with his family to visit. We decided to take them down to Moab for part of that time and - since we weren't sure how he'd deal with all the sun, the long drive, the dust, etc - Robbie stayed with Grummy and Grumpy.

We had a good time and I'm pretty sure my brother and his family did as well. Since I didn't have a toddler to chase, feed and entertain, I was able to take quite a few pictures.

The crew: sweaty, dusty and hungry.

Jaime, playing way too close to the edge.

Jeremy, surveying the scene.

The ride.

Michele, being camera shy.

Jamie enjoying the bumpy descent.

A vertical ascent.

A portrait of Toby and I - really...look closely in his glasses.

Toby and Jaime under Delicate Arch

The whole family under Delicate Arch. This is just before group sunburn set in and we stiffened up.

The trail we took.

Jamie looking like the Grim Reaper. He had a blue jawbreaker...and I guess he was cold. Now that I think about it, he looks a bit like Charlie from Lost.


Kim said...

Ooo that last shot is awesome. I love that you guys took this trip...we'll have to go with you sometime! Love all the fun shots and that you got them UP on your blog! You amaze me friend. That hike to Delicate Arch is sucky...I was dreaming about it last night...after we watched HULK. Totally and utterly random...but that is that.

Shannon said...

That looks awesome! It makes me want to go on a trip really bad! Looks like you had fun!

Oh and what would that prize for my next contest be? An apron and gloves? or candles? Just kidding! Email me and let me know!

Congrats by the way!