May 21, 2008

Proof My Cat Loves Me

I said to myself I would never blog about my cat (tones of "crazy cat lady")...but I can't resist this one. Toby calls our cat The Great White Hunter because, although she has no front claws she manages to regularly capture and kill small birds and rodents. Sometimes she even manages to capture and kill quite large rodents. How large? Well it involves using a pressure washer to remove the blood stains (and organs she doesn't like to eat) from our front porch...that's how large.

I work at home in an office with a window that looks right out at the front porch and the street. Under the window there is a bench and today while I was trying to work, my cat stood on the bench and howled and cried. When I opened the blinds I saw she was holding a five inch long rodent that she desperately wanted to show me.

As soon as I pulled up my camera, she ran for the front I apologize for the blurry image.

When I came outside she dropped it on the welcome mat for me. Yum.


Toby said...

Dumb Cat

Kim said...

That is SO gross. Ew...but good cat I suppose.

Shannon said...

Hummm, I will have to think for a second. I am not good at these things.

How about Rodent Massacre.