May 14, 2008

Husbands and Children

True story...

Toby: So my friend needs to borrow my truck tonight...and that's ok because my motorcycle is at his house and I can just ride it home...

Me: Ok....?

Toby: Well there's just one problem... I don't have a helmet or my jacket.

Me: do you want me to drive it in to you? Because I could just pick you up if I'm driving in? Or do you want to go buy a new helmet?

Toby: Well....I don't want to go spend a bunch of money on a new helmet. Maybe I should just ride home without one.

Me: No...why don't you just borrow your friend's helmet?

Toby: It doesn't fit - my head is too big. And besides, if I take his helmet, he won't be able to ride his motorcycle.

Me: Nice try. His motorcycle is sitting in our garage, remember? His helmet is not too small, I remember what size it is. You're not riding home without a helmet....but nice try. You're as bas as a kid!

If you think I am kidding about how boy-like Toby is about the is a photo of him while were sitting in the bike dealership waiting for paperwork to be done. He was zoned out....

Then I said "hey you're getting a new bike, remember?"


Kim said...

LOVE IT. It is so interesting how much they ARE like little boys.

Finn said...

Holly, to Toby's defense, I did have a helmet waiting for him to ride back home. Sounds like you and Amber got the "no helmet - no riding" rule down pat. I broke it once to find my helmet waiting for me on the front porch. Last time that happened.