May 20, 2008

Boys Like Bugs

This was the other thing I learned last week - boys have no gene that make them repulsed by bugs *shiver*. Robbie and I were playing outside when I saw this HUGE bug walking over the rocks. I pointed it out to Robbie and he started following it.

Then I said "You want to pet it?" Totally joking! I had no idea...

That he would reach out and pet it. Blagh!

My hysterical gasping probably clued him in that he was doing something wrong because he immediately let go - but the bug stiffened up, flipped over and played dead (it really was pretending - I've seen them doing it and I checked the bug later - it was fine).

I didn't want Robbie to feel bad and I didn't know if he knew what "dead" meant so I said

"Oh...the bug is sleeping"

to which he said...

"No. It's dead" and walked away to play another game.


melissa said...


how are you? I love reading your blog you are so good at these kinds of things. I ran into toby at cabalas the other week...did he even remember who i am?? Robbie is such a cute little boy and the bug thing....eww!

Kim said...

Oh my goodness. I am rolling on the floor laughing. I can't believe his response to you at the end. Hilarious.