Mar 16, 2008

The weather has been better lately but not quite spring. Robbie wanted to play outside but the ground was a bit muddy from a recent sprinkle. He played on the porch for a while - scooping dirt out of a flower pot with his tractor.

And then - when he got some dirt on his hands he held out his hand and said "mess" while waiting for me to come take care of the problem. He has a very condescending way of doing this, like he's ordering a servant to fetch something.He's started doing this a lot lately - especially when he's eating. 

This from a kid who still doesn't care if his diaper is full to bursting with things much worse that potting soil.

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Kim said...

Oooo love the use of wide angle here. I have been trying to stick myself to one focal lenght/aperture, it stretches the brain. Nicely done Holly!