Mar 21, 2008

A Rare Find

Toby and I were a debate the other night about how (I feel) it's unfortunate that the world is getting to be a tougher place for small business to compete since huge corporations have the power to snuff out the little guy with money, political power, pressure, etc. We were talking specifically about the decline of independent farms and cattle ranchers (wake up - I am almost to the good part).

Toby, of course, did not agree with me at all. He's an avowed capitalist and ...well, if you know Toby you don't need the long version of the story.

The debate didn't go anywhere but I am happy to say I found one little niche on the web where you can still get hand-made (in the U.S.A.!) products at affordable prices.

It is called Etsy and it is an online marketplace for the cottage industries, artisans and small businesses to sell their items.

I stumbled on it by chance when I was reading about my new camera bag - which promises to change my life. On Etsy, I found a matching clutch that I can clip to my camera bag to hold my keys, cell phone, lip gloss, etc.

As if that weren't cool enough - I found a clothing designer in Washington that will custom make me a (super cute) dress for about the same price you would pay at Macy's. Dresses never fit me right because I am super short. Petites don't work either because I am a bit too long in the torso for the waist to fall in the right spot. I am pretty excited to find an excuse to need a dress.


Shannon said...

I have heard of Etsy and I think that it is pretty neat! I was looking at the Shootsac's the other day, you will have to tell me what you think of it!

The Sweet Life said...

Hmm, I'll have to look into this fun site. I'm glad to hear that robbie is making some potty training progress. Now that we are back in town, I'm hoping to get going with Emma in this wonderful (for me) pursuit of soon not having to change diapers!