Mar 12, 2008

A boy and his trains

Its been entirely too long since I posted - I am sorry!

I'll just jump right in with the latest pictures, taken yesterday morning while Robbie was still in his sweet SpiderMan (or as he says "spuh-man") jammies. Everyone who knows Robbie already knows he loves trains! He has many of the engines and cars in the Thomas collection - thanks to two overly indulgent parents and some help from "Grummy" and "Grumpy".

Over-indulgence aside, I can't feel too guilty because he does play with them every day without fail. He never gets tired of them.
I recently started trying a reward system for good behavior that involves stickers. The problem was I didn't want stickers all over my furniture so I bought two metal boxes perfect for holding trains....

Every time he does something without having to be beaten...I mean...asked forty-five times, he can pick a sticker. We have a wide selection but he has a one-track mind and likes to run through all the stickers in one collection (see if you can figure out which) before trying any others.

He's been good...a lot.

Robbie and his new favorite engine, James.

Putting James in "the Box".

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Kim said...

These photos are breathtaking.