Mar 28, 2008

Last Christmas

Right after Christmas we went to Oregon to visit my family. This was my very first attempt to put anything on YouTube...and mysteriously 22 people watched it. I wonder if they felt ripped off after waiting for the download - there really is no big pay off at the end. No one goes "endo" or does a 360.

It was more of an experiment that helped me decide to return the digital camera I had just gotten. A Canon 5D would of course be my preferred camera but is not what I would call pocket sized. It also doesn't do video.

This camera was tiny - which is what I wanted so I could carry it in my pocket. On the downside it limited video clips to ten seconds. And a Murphy's Law would dictate - if anything good happens, it will happen in the 11th second. And it did...again and again that day.

When we got home, we went back to Costco and traded it in for a slightly chunkier, but much smarter pocket camera.

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