Mar 12, 2008

Just Like Mom

Recently Robbie has discovered how to say (ie: Beg For) chocolate. I'm not sure which came first - learning the word or deciding it was the single greatest flavor on earth, but he's mastered the word and has learned that the flavor can be applied to everything.

Before bath time it's "chot-lit!" meaning "put some of that sugary syrup in my milk, please". After dinner it's "chot-lit!" meaning "hey get one of those Healthy Choice fudge pops out of the freezer for me please!" This morning it was "chot-lit" which I could only understand must have meant "give me chocolate, not breakfast Woman!".

We compromised.

Yep, that is chocolate syrup on pancakes. It only took about a teaspoon. I think I'm going to rename chocolate syrup to "Get-your-toddler-to-eat-syrup".

1 comment:

Kim said...

Love these photos, you are like a professional or something. Love the color, you'll have to tell me your secrets. I miss you. ;)