Mar 16, 2008

Sup-ah Dup-ah Wide!

Our sixth anniversary came just recently and while I was away at my workshop Toby picked up me a super fun present - a wide angle lens. I currently have a lens that goes pretty wide but this one is even wider...supah dupah wide! Unless you want the whole room in your picture, you have to get pretty darn close to your subject. This creates some funny warping effects around the edges of the frame. Totally fun for a toddler. Robbie greatly enjoyed letting me take a picture and then let him look at it. He was also fond of showing me his toys so that he could then look at them on my LCD and say "Trat-er" (tractor) or "James!".

Robbie laying on me watching TV. I took this myself - gotta love the capability of wide angle.


Kim said...

I want to know which one you got. Dood, so wish that I shot Canon, I can feel myself wanting to borrow! And with that full-frame I bet it is smoking. Nice images. Love them!

Robbie and his Parental Units said...

I got the 20mm fixed 2.8. Toby actually bought me the 17-35 F4L which was fabulous but since its largest f/stop was 4.0, we returned it and got the not-as-wide 20mm. The 17mm would have been amazing but....all I kept thinking of was low light receptions. I am glad I got the 2.8 now because most of my indoor shots were shot at or around 2.8.