Mar 18, 2008

The Other Side of the Camera

As photographers, Kim and I commented to each other that we never seem to be IN any of our photos from vacations, birthdays, etc. Mostly we don't mind. I don't think either of us really love to be in front of the lens. But, we thought it might be nice to have some photos of ourselves in Hawaii so we made a point to shoot each other every now and then. Last night Kim emailed me two she took of me. She's managed to make me look good when i was sweaty, blinded by the sun, windblown and generally - looking like a troll (I am not kidding - I have seen other shots taken of me on the same day by another photographer not ten minutes later).

Thanks, Kim. It was fun traveling with you.


Kim said...

You're welcome and right back at you. You are hott lady. Love these two shots of you for totally different reasons. The film one is one of my favorites!

Shannon said...

I think that the only pictures that I have of me in Mexico are the ones that you took!

These shots of you are really cute!