Mar 16, 2008

Hawaii 3

On our second full day in Hawaii we went touring the North Shore and in Halie'iwa (Holly-Avuh) we came across a church BBQ fundraiser called "Many's Huli Huli Chicken." We had never heard of Huli style chicken but it was pretty darn good. The only thing disturbing were all the other chickens clucking around our feet while we ate outside.

That...and the Ace Hardware sprayer they were using to apply the huli sauce. You know - the kind you'd use to spray pesticides or stain your deck.


Kim said...

GAH you got the pump sprayer...I may have to steal a few images off your blog for proof. I love these...takes me right back. I had so much fun with you!

The Sweet Life said...

Great photos!
The chicken does sound good, but I'm pretty dang sure I couldn't eat a chicken dinner while his brother was clucking about my feet. And the pesticide sprayer?!?!? Please don't tell Finn about this method of spicing up the meat,or he'll add that to his list of BBQ skills.
What a fun trip.