Mar 16, 2008

Shave Ice (No, I did not forget the "D")

Possibly one of the best things about Hawaii was one of the most unexpected. I don't like snow cones or slurpees, in general. When we were in Waikiki a shop clerk told me that since we were staying on the North Shore we HAD to go to Matsumoto's for "Shave Ice". They don't go in for the "Shaved" ice...apparently an extra D is just pretentious but Shave Ice is a staple of the Hawaiian life.  The clerk said that Matsumotos would be easy to find by the line of people going out the door. She was right. 

Let me say that the Hawaiians are really on to something with the way they make Shave Ice. The ice is ground finer and holds the syrup more evenly. They also put a scoop of ice cream in the bottom of the cup so that the syrup that does drop down flavors the ice cream. Heaven!

We were just about to snap shots of each other under the sign when this friendly Filipino tourist said "You want some company?" and jumped in with Kim. Th
en they had us pose with their whole family.

Even Adam Sandler and the cast of 50 First Dates are fans.


Kim said...

HOTT dude. I totally forgot about that man! I am dying here! ;)

The Sweet Life said...

K, the random Hawaiian in the pic is funny. Islanders are my favorite people becuase they are so friendly, and always ready for a party.