Jun 27, 2008

Why Chickens? Why NOT Chickens?

I know most of my family and friends were just being polite when I said I was getting chickens. They said "oh...neat...." but I am sure behind their smiles they were thinking "Why chickens? Is she losing her mind?"

I completely understand why it would puzzle most people. Chickens (at least grown ones) don't seem cute and cuddly like cats. They aren't good at games like dogs. So why chickens?

Well...they only thing my dogs have every given me in return for all the time, money and effort given to them is a big steaming mess. My chickens will give me eggs.

My dogs eat about $30 worth of food a month. My chickens will eat about $5, while producing about $23 worth of organic "farm fresh" eggs.

The only thing my dogs ever did for my backyard was tromple it, chew it, poop on it and destroy it (including a hot tub). The chickens will eat any insect they can lay their little beaks on - including garden pests.

The dogs have to be walked, played with, vaccinated, spayed, bathed, etc. Chickens....not so much. Their medication is in their feed, they'll happily eat kitchen scraps, they exercise themselves while hunting bugs and they only need about four square feet each to live in.

And unlike my dogs....if the chickens destroy a hot tub, I can feel fully justified in eating them.

If all that weren't enough....just look how cute these girls are:

For any chicken people out there - the top photo is a Barred Rock and the bottom is a Buff Orpington. We have two of each.


marisa said...

They are SOOO cute, you will have to let me know if you like those breeds!

Amber Ro said...

You amaze me. What don't you do? I wouldn't know the first thing about caring for chicks.
Good luck getting some eggs from them!

Kim said...

Oh my heck you are the best photographer ever. Love these...they are so cute.

Holly Reed | Reed Photographic said...

It's really pretty easy once you just read up a bit. There are tons of websites dedicated to this. All the need are food, water and a safe warm place.