Jun 24, 2008

The Most Stubborn Boy

When Robbie doesn't want a nap...he really doesn't want a nap. Sometimes I just cave in and let him play quietly as long as he stays in his room. Sometimes even that doesn't satisfy him.

Today was one of those days.

After tearing apart his room, sneaking out, taking off his clothes, being re-clothed, put back in his room and baby-gated in...... he stood at the baby gate calling "Mommmmmeeeeee" for quite a while.

Suddenly I realized he'd grown quiet - I couldn't tell for how long. I went up to check on him. This is what I found.

After working for more than two hours to get him to go to sleep, I was torn about what I should do. I weighed my options... peed-on carpet....or angry awake child.... tough call.

I put him in bed with a blanket - no diaper.


Kim said...

Oh my holy cuteness. I love that you grabbed your camera. I would have done the same thing...would not have woken the child.

marisa said...

I love it!