Jun 25, 2008

The Pitter Patter of Little Feet

It's official - we are the proud parents of four tiny, fuzzy chicks.

Robbie helped with the naming and, not surprisingly, he chose "Rosie" and "Thomas". All our chickens are girls - but I just laughed and said "That's a GREAT name!" when he suggested it. He was really proud of himself and I didn't have the heart to remind him Thomas is a boy name. I hope it doesn't confuse her and put her off laying eggs.

I chose the names for the other two chickens and they are "Giblet" and "Chickenoby". The latter is an homage to Toby's toddler years when he, about to become a big brother, kept telling his mom to name his sister Chickenoby. His thinking was that the name was a good combination of "Chicken" and "Toby". What better way to pick a name for a little girl?

I am sure Rikki's glad her mom overruled Toby's choice.

About every ten minutes we have to go downstairs to check on the chickens (according to Robbie) and then he asks me to take a baby bird out for him to touch. He puts one finger on it and says "Hi Baby CHICKEN!" and then we go back upstairs.

Silly kid.


marisa said...

where's the pix? and what kind did you end up getting???? I'm dying to find out.

Kim said...

Squee. I want to come and play with them before they are big and scare me.