Jun 16, 2008

The Smart Car

Yesterday we rented a "Smart Car" and drove it to Zaanse Schance, a town about 30km from our hotel. Yes, we drove in Europe.

The smart car is extremely small - picture a Geo Metro cut in half. Now picture Toby driving it. He makes fun of his mom's Geo so you can just imagine how many jokes he made about the Smart Car. Here are just a few...

1. It's a good thing it's called a smart car. If the name were any longer it wouldn't fit on the car.
2. If we can't find the car in the parking lot, we can take the train and just have the museum mail it to back us.
3. I hope it stops raining before we have to drive back. Six inches of rain, and we'll need paddles to get home.
4. If Robbie were here, we'd have to get him a side-car.

The whole day went like this. Then we pulled into a large gas station with several pumps and we got blocked in. There were cars all over and we couldn't go forward or back to go out. I told Toby I had seen someone in a similar car drive between the pumps to get out. In one turn we were out.

I turned to Toby and said "Ok now try to make fun of the car."

He didn't.


marisa said...

I'm sure Toby could have just picked up the car and moved it.

Kim said...

This is hilarious. I SO wish I were there with you...but where would I sit?

Amber Ro said...

Smaller than a geo metro, and yet people actually fit inside of it? Impossible!
We always joke that riding in a geo metro is like riding in a tin can; I'll bet driving in the smart car is like driving in a sardine can :)