Jun 14, 2008

Things I've Learned in Amsterdam

In my mind, at least, the Europeans have alway seemed more "polished" and sophisitcated than Americans. That impression is eroding quickly after being here 24 hours and having seen:
1. someone vomit about 8 inches from where I was eating lunch (glass between us thankfully)
2. the "public" restrooms here which are really just tall plastic buckets on the sidewalks for men to step up to (pictures to come)
3. the local soccer fans (football over here) that make Oakland Raiders fans look like sissies
4. I know we all hear about the "window" girls in the red light district...but knowing about it and actually seeing it are totally different. For some reason I always thought the window girl was an "ad" for the business inside. Nope. She is the business inside. The window opens up and the guy just steps in, the curtain closes....blagh! There is no "back room" or upstairs. This is all happening inches from hundreds of tourists.
5. On television here porn is totally mixed in with kids channels, CNN, you name it. We got to our room and started channel surfing...click...click...click...EEEK!

The above picture is Toby and I at the hotel - taken by my laptop. We're working today so that is why we have on matching shirts. We have not been married so long yet that we actually dress alike by choice.


marisa said...

ahhh, you guys are so cute!

Amber Ro said...

Sounds like fun! I think my eyes would be opened considerably having seen those sights :)

Kim said...

Totally hilarious. I bet it is dirty over there...remember how I felt about Hawaii? Always better in pictures right? Love you guys...have a blast!