Jun 25, 2008

Can He Read - or Am I Crazy?

Sometimes Robbie does things that convince me that he's merely pretending not to know how to read. Today he did it again.

"Robbie, what are you going to name your new baby chicken?"

mumbles something incoherent




mumbles it again



"Say it for me again, please"

mumbles something again that I can't make out


Robbie sighs, walks out of the room and comes back in holding a small purple train he rarely ever plays with. He turns it over and shoves it under my nose.

"Rosie!" he says.

And there, printed in tiny letters on the underside of the train is "ROSIE".


Amber Ro said...

Smart kid...you'd better keep an eye on him :)

Kim said...

This KILLZ me. He is wicked smart. How freaking cute is this?