Aug 1, 2008

Mommy Friday #3

Since today is another "Mommy Friday" when I don't work, we had a field trip.

First we had a little mommy-son breakfast date at - where else - McDonalds! Robbie was very excited to get some "McCancakes" as he kept calling them. After eating he played in the PlayPlace and actually climbed up the platform stairs about 15 feet - something he's never tried to do before. When he got to the top he pressed his face up against the mesh and yelled "Hi Mommeeee!" in his standard I-only-know-one-volume voice.

After breakfast we went to the new children's book store in Tooele called the Purple Cow. The world has fewer and fewer independent bookstores every week so I was very happy one was opening in Tooele. The staff was incredibly sweet and helpful, bringing over books he might like and saying how cute he was. They were the grandmotherly sort - as opposed to the high school sort you get at a chain store.

We had a hard time deciding but eventually came away with these keepers.

When we got home we played "hide and seek" Robbie style. This means he tells me where to hide, then runs away - counts - and comes and finds me. When he finds me he shrieks with glee and excitement as if he didn't expect to find me there. I can't help but get excited too.

However, one time he was counting, he went all the way to nine without missing any I might have saved my money on the "Olivia Counts" book. Doesn't seem like he needs it!

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Amber Ro said...

What a fun day. Those are some of my favorite books, too. So, I have to ask, do you like McCancakes as much as Robbie does?
We still need to hit the Discovery Gateway museum one Friday morning so we can use our season pass.