Aug 1, 2008

I Won't Quit My Day Job

I've recently had to add another item to my repertoire; voice over work. Don't worry I won't be hosting my own morning radio show anytime soon - but the client that keeps asking me to do this doesn't mind the sounds so I suppose I'll be doing it every week for a while.

I also do the photography and video editing that makes this little "episode" possible. So do me a favor, if you have a YouTube account, leave a comment on the video. Some suggestions are;

1. Wow - great video editing! Who do you use?
2. Wow - that narrator has a sexy voice!
3. Wow - that product sounds really cool. Do you give quantity discounts?

In case you didn't know - number two was a joke. Please don't say that!


marisa said...

You totally used your sexy voice for that, didn't you?

Holly | Reed Photographic said...

Ha! I don't have a "sexy" voice - just my "trying hard not to slur my words" voice. They should hire my mom - her voice sounds great on the phone so I imagine it sounds good on recording too.

Kim said...

Oh my reminds me of being on an airplane when they tell you to be safe and listen to the stewards. Ha! But seriously, you's got talent girlfriend! Loved it...I almost couldn't tell it was YOU!