Jul 30, 2008

Cellphone Pornography Hurts

Last weekend while driving up to Cherry Hill we saw a billboard on the freeway that said "Cellphone Pornography HURTS."

"Well yeah it would hurt - you'd crash your car" we joked. We got a good laugh at it all the way there and kept asking each other "who on earth would look at porn on a cell phone...in their car...while driving?"

We figured you'd have to be extremely desperate to do that on your phone....why not at least wait until you got home? Surely this had to be such an obscure problem that it did not need a community awareness billboard. Surely.

Today it popped into my head again and I typed it "Cellphone pornography" into Google. Boy are Toby and I behind the times. Apparently this is already a 400 million dollar industry and there are hundreds of services pushing porn right to your phone for a fee.

I realize the porn industry is huge - but this just seems like taking things a little too far. What has the human race come to that we can't even make it from our home to our office without a helping of porn?

If I were supreme dictator of the world, I'd just try this; make everyone walk around naked for a year. It would erase the mystery and ... depending on who you share an office with...completely wipe out any desire to ever see a naked person again.

Then those hundreds of billions of dollars we're spending on this industry could probably work out an alternative solution to fossil fuels in about...a week.


marisa said...

amen sister! I got a good laugh out of your idea, it sounds a little too scary though.

Kim said...

SO funny...and so true. I just wouldn't want to walk around nekkid during that time of the you know what.

Holly | Reed Photographic said...

Hmm I hadn't thought of that. Fortunately it was just rant - because the world is just FULL of people I would go to great lengths to avoid seeing naked.

Amber Ro said...

1-I'm glad you are not the supreme ruler of the world
2-If you were, I'm glad that I share an office with myself :)

Hmm, maybe knowing that everyone would see my "naykies" would force me to get into shape.