Aug 11, 2008

More Conversations in a Car

"Hey did I tell you how proud I am of you? You kept your hands in your pockets just like Mom asked. That was really great."

"Thanks Mommy."

"You're Welcome!"

"I want french fries."

He cracks me up. He's so grown up sometimes and then alternately so toddler-ish with that ultra-short attention span.

The conversation above happened after we went to Homebodies - a boutique in Tooele where we were going to pick up a coffee table. Like I told him, he was such a good boy even thought he was just itching to touch all the cute little curiosities in that shop.


Amber Ro said...

Haha! He's a smart boy to realize that when he is a "good boy" he deserves a nice little reward. In pre-kiddo days, I was horrified at how many moms gave treats as rewards. Now that I have my own kid, I use this tactic multiple times a day-I've come to eat my words on more than one occasion and am sure I will continue to do so.

moosh in indy. said...

We do the one finger rule in our house. Not sure it would work with boys. But the moosh is allowed to touch anything as long as it is only with ONE fingertip.
And yes, I wish it could all be followed by french fries myself.