Aug 9, 2008

Rest in Pieces, Rosie

My neighbor came to my door this afternoon to tell me that his dog had gotten into my backyard and had himself a snack. You guessed it - chicken nuggets. Apparently, his dog brought one of my chickens (Rosie) home in his mouth - quite proud of himself.

I can't find the other missing chicken. I keep finding black feathers Rosie must have lost in her struggle but no sign of Giblet or her (blond) feathers. I keep seeing this image of Robbie stumbling upon an eviscerated chicken some time in the next week and that sends me out looking again to see if I can find it.

I am just so glad this happened while Robbie was at his cousin's house and not while we were playing in the back yard.

There are just so many things I want to rant about - my neighborhood's lax policy of letting their dogs run wild being number one. All the time and effort spent on raising them from day old chicks being washed away without a single egg is number two. My neighbor wants to pay me for them. A chick costs $2.79 at IFA. When you factor in the time and effort spent to raise them to date, three bucks is a joke.

Mostly I am just really bummed. I know they aren't as cuddly as kittens and most people don't see the attraction, but I am really fond of my chickens. Robbie and I have had a lot of fun looking after them.


Amber Ro said...

No freakin' way! Oh I would be sooooooo mad. And your neighbor offered just to pay for the cost of the chicks?
Maybe you could ask him to reimburse you for all the building materials and time you spent making their little home and taking care of them? Send him a bill:)

Holly | Reed Photographic said...

Actually, my neighbor wasn't trying to offer me three dollars. He just kept saying he wanted to replace them or compensate me. The problem is, finding a grown chicken is a tough thing to do so all I could think of was the purchase price which is paltry.