Jul 7, 2008

I Love Me a Three Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend was great. Fourth of July weekend was also pretty outstanding but very warm.

We spent a lot of time outside. So much so, that I think Robbie's skin may be twelve years older before we get the last of the layers of sunblock soaked off.

It all began with a small-town Grantsville parade....full of rural charm and local color.

Like this fellow.

and intersting floats...like this one decked out with severed heads.

We were sweating like...well....people standing in the sun. Robbie included. He was so red we thought maybe his sunblock was breaking down so we went and slathered even more on him. The poor kid was a walking grease stain.

Because it's Grantsville, the "floats" mostly consisted of emergency response vehicles, which we saw last week, and a lot of military vehicles. Robbie really enjoyed the motorcycles, fire trucks, tanks and tractors - especially the tractors. He also loved the marching bands and would dance pretty enthusiastically.

He did catch on to candy wrangling rather quickly and soon collected quite a stockpile.

To see a video of him rocking out to the band and running for candy, click this:

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Kim said...

LOVE IT...wish we were hanging out with you guys instead of driving around VERNAL...same kind of parade though, although nothing beats that dude with one spender up. ROFL.